I’m So Ashamed

There are people who keep their homes spotless.  I really admire that.

That’s not me.

When cleaning my bathroom, I usually, occasionally, spray the tub fixtures with a multipurpose cleaner, wipe it down, and call it done.

I recently noticed someone else’s bath and that inspired me.  This time after spraying the fixtures with my Basic H2 multipurpose formula cleaner I used a little Scour Off and a soft bristle toothbrush.

Here are my before & after photos.

the tub’s overflow cover

before & after overflow cover

the tub’s water spout

Before & After tub spout

the tub’s water control

Before & After tub water control

These are the cleaning supplies I used:

Basic H2 Scour Off & toothbrush

Shaklee Basic H2, Scour Off and a soft bristle toothbrush.

Be sure to use lots of water or Basic H2 as scouring with just Scour Off will scratch the fixtures, it is that powerful.  (I left that tip out originally, and started worrying!)

I can’t wait to do the kitchen faucet now!  (I did the bathroom sink faucet before the tub fixtures, but didn’t take a ‘before’ picture.)



I appreciate your interest!