Just a Pump Will Do Ya

I use a concentrate dish wash product for hand washing dishes.  I like knowing that I’m not adding toxic chemicals to my home or the planet, and reducing the amount packaging waste.  But when I only have a couple things to rinse, even a couple drops is too much, and it’s hard to squirt less!

foaming dispenser bottle


I just pour in a little product and add water up to about a inch and a half from the top.  Voila, when I’m just washing a thing or two, one pump is the right amount.  I just leave it on the counter by the sink, so it’s handy.

I don’t know what’s up with the water in my area, but I find if I use tap water, it goes bad and starts to smell!  I use a water filter, so I use the filtered water.  Problem solved.


Curious about the dish wash or water? These are what I use:

Get Clean Water and Filters

because the I have peace of mind about the water and the filter housing is refillable


Get Clean Dish Wash by hand

so I use less and do as little damage to the earth as I can.


What foaming dispensers do you use?

I appreciate your interest!