Clean Pillows

If you’re like most people, you have pillows on your bed.  The bed you sleep in for eight hours, give or take, whenever you are home.

How clean are they?

Do you know how many dust mites live in your pillows?  And what about germs from when you are sick?


I was doing some decluttering.  I used to live in a larger home, and still had all the pillows from when I had three bedrooms.  Since there are only so many pillows one needs for a bed, and I hate to throw out anything that still can be used, I decided to give some away.  But no one would want my mites & germs!

Did you know you can machine wash even down feather pillows?  I washed them on warm/cool, with my normal laundry products, but also added a cap of concentrated Basic G, my trusty germicide.

Basic G   bottle   info

I dry them in the dryer with a couple clean tennis balls.  The tennis balls might not be necessary, but I feel that by punching up the pillows they are keeping the feathers from clumping together.

Result?  Pillows I feel confident are clean.  They don’t smell of anything, even laundry products, since I used fragrance free laundry products.

I’m so happy with the results, I’m washing the pillows I keep on my bed next!


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I appreciate your interest!