You’re Over 50, Now What?

So, the kids are moving out, off to college, or starting their own families.

How’s your life?  Is it where you thought it would be now?

Are you part of the sandwich generation, caring for parents, children or grandchildren, trying to juggle in your life?

According to a June 2011 report by MetLife Mature market Institute, the percentage of 50 plus adult children taking care of parents tripled since 1994.

creating-a-life-Zig-quote.jpgAn AARP study reported that at any given time in 2009, 42.1 million U.S. family caregivers were caring for an adult with limitations, with 61.6 million providing care at some time during the year.

If you work outside the home, how is this balancing act?  If you need extra income, how are you going to work in an outside job?  Will you find an understanding employer?

The Sloan Center on Aging & Work showed that people caring for older adults report more stress and depression than employees who aren’t caregivers or who care for kids.

“What people need is flexibility and support, even if they don’t need help immediately,” says Eliza Pavalko, an Indiana sociology professor and expert on aging and the workplace.

Maybe you don’t need to work outside the home.  Or maybe you have a job that offers the support you need. This might not be for you.

And maybe you have the friendship of women and men with similar interests, and are not looking to expand your circle.  Great!  I’m happy for you.


Did you know needing an income is not the only reason people work?

According to a new study from the Families and Work Institute in New York and the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, “Working in Retirement—A 21st Century Phenomenon,” many non-financial objectives motivate older people to continue working.

The researchers asked people age 50 and older the reasons for continuing to work in their retirement years. Here are the top 10 reasons they gave:

1. I want to keep earning money to retire more comfortably (53 percent).

2. I would be bored not working (31 percent).

3. I keep working because income from other sources is not enough (18 percent).

4. I want to feel productive, useful, helpful (18 percent) 5. I have a job that is fun, enjoyable (15 percent)

6. I want to interact with people (13 percent)

7. I want to stay physically/mentally active (12 percent)

8. I need health insurance (6 percent)

9. I am pursuing my dream: I have a job doing what I want to (6 percent)

10. I want to learn new things (2 percent)


Maybe you could use flexible hours and a supportive group of people.  How are you going to get it?


I’d like to make a suggestion that may seem outlandish at first glance. It could be totally outside of your realm of ideas.

I work from home, for a company with a philosophy based on the Golden Rule. It has over a decades old history, has never missed a payday, and has paid out billions. I work with a supportive group of people who freely share tips on what works to promote business, time management, and resources.  We like to have fun.  We want to travel. We want to be healthy. We want to earn an income.  And we want to set our own schedules.

Not a sales person?  No problem.  Not a college grad?  No problem.  No work experience outside the home?  A past career in aeronautics, bicycle repair, marine life, goat herding, nuclear physics?  None of those detract from your ability to earn money at this job.


Lazy, unwilling to learn, unwilling to help people, that is a problem.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is a career endorsed by savvy business people. Some people are very motivated and quickly advance to six figures.  Most are happy working to be able to work at a more relaxed pace around the daily demand of their lives. Some earn a full-time income in part time-hours, others earn less.

the best way to predict the future is to create it

My team has members across the U.S. and Canada and the company is active in seven countries. You’re not confined to your home.

I love knowing I am able to help people find solutions and empower them to make big changes.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities, please contact me.  I want to hear from you. Comment below, email me at kathyodowd at cleanwaytohealth dot com, or find me on Face Book.


I used as a resource for some of this material.