About Kathy

I recently tried a couple of the supplements that have given me new life! I am so excited to share this with anyone who might benefit.  Ask me my MindWorks story.

I have a friend who always seems to glow with health. I found out she uses Shaklee products, and that lead me to become a member.

After hearing more about the company and trying the products, I was inspired to become a Gold Plus Ambassador. This opened up all the earning opportunities.

I am very fortunate to have become a member of Project Dream International. 

The amazing people who make up this team are warm and supportive, generously sharing their knowledge and experience.

I totally didn’t expect a business to have so many opportunities for personal growth. 

Knowing that I can help families be healthier is a great feeling.  And I have a lot of respect for Shaklee’s integrity.  I’m proud to be an Independent Shaklee Distributor!

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